Theo Morfoisse

Doctorant, NeuroSpin, CEA & Collège de France

I am pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Stanislas Dehaene, Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz and Cassandra Potier-Watkins at PSL/Collège de France and NeuroSpin, CEA.

The goal of my PhD is to understand the influence of musical practice on the child's brain. More precisely, we wish to evaluate, the anatomical and functional modifications generated by musical teaching and violin practice initiated at the age of 4 years. In particular, we want to evaluate the possible transfer of the effects of this teaching to distant domains such as language, mathematics and executive functions.

My PhD project is part of the program "Un violon dans mon école", supported by the Vareille foundation and deployed experimentally in partnership with the national education system in schools of the priority education network.